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Traditional Chinese Medicine regards the human body, mind and spirit with great reverence, and facilitates its boundless capacity for renewal and recovery.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a natural, holistic approach to restoring and maintaining health. Unlike Western biomedicine, TCM is based in prevention and wellness, and addresses the unique constitution of each individual. TCM’s gentle therapies do not possess the adverse side effects that pharmaceutical medications and invasive surgeries do. This means that patients are able obtain relief without risking further harm to their health.

Conditions Treated

We now know that most diseases are characterized by pain, inflammation and disturbance of homeostasis, and this helps us understand why acupuncture can be effective for so many conditions. Because acupuncture alleviates pain, reduces inflammation, and restores homeostasis, it can be utilized to treat or manage a wide variety of conditions.

Meet Jami

I am a California and nationally licensed acupuncturist with nearly 10 years of clinical experience. I am passionate about service to others and practice Chinese Medicine with genuine enthusiasm, intellectual diligence, and an unyielding spirit. I love that Chinese medicine views the body and mind as an interconnected whole, and rather than utilizing therapies that simply suppress symptoms, I use the myriad branches of Chinese medicine, as well as Functional Medicine, to help patients uncover the underlying cause of their health problems. I work with a vast array of health conditions, and have extensive, post-graduate training in TCM Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility.

Our Philosophy on Healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine regards the human body, mind and spirit with great reverence, and facilitates its boundless capacity for renewal and recovery. Although our bodies possess the inherent wisdom and ability to heal, there are many factors that can impede this natural process. In our fast-paced, contemporary, urban lifestyles, we tend to be overworked, overstressed, overtired and overexposed to a multitude of drugs, chemicals and superbugs. Furthermore, we are also plagued by physical injuries and trauma. Under these conditions, it’s no surprise that our bodies’ natural healing energy can become weakened, blocked or damaged.

At Alchemy Acupuncture, we use a holistic approach to identify the patterns causing energy imbalances, aiming to alleviate their root cause. Safe and natural therapies are utilized to strengthen and balance your body’s innate healing ability in order to restore optimal health and vitality. By creating therapeutic partnerships with patients, we empower you to actively participate in your own care. Together we can help you create lasting changes that will enable you to live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life.

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Alchemy Acupuncture & Apothecary
Alchemy Acupuncture & Apothecary
Alchemy Acupuncture & Apothecary