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Jami Rose L.Ac.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California, California Acupuncture Board.
  • Functional Medicine Certification (Level 1), Kresser Institute.
  • Advanced Certification in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield.
  • Advanced Training in Acupuncture Obstetrics & Gynecology, Raven Lang.
  • Advanced Training in TCM & Reproductive Medicine, J. Lyttleton, B. Horn, et al.
  • Advanced Training in Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Matt Callison (certification pending).
  • Independent Lifewave Light Therapy Patch Distributer
  • Independent Bemer Distributor

Compassionate & Competent

I’m a biology nerd at heart, and ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by living creatures, large and small. My curiosity and creativity led me to perform puppet shows about DNA synthesis, write haiku about cell division, and star in an immunology skit titled “Goldie Virus and the Three Macrophages.” After earning undergraduate degrees in Molecular Biology and Medical Anthropology, it seemed obvious I would pursue a career in conventional medicine.

While studying for the MCAT, I began suffering from severe digestive problems, and was eventually diagnosed with the autoimmune condition Ulcerative Colitis. I was disheartened by and fearful of my treatment options, which consisted of surgery and long-term steroid use. Determined to find a more holistic way to regain my health, I sought treatment through Chinese medicine; within 6 months of acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine, I was symptom-free and in remission. After experiencing such a profound recovery,  I changed the course of my studies to pursue a career in Chinese medicine, earning my 4-year Master of Science degree from the prestigious American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.

Today, I am a California licensed acupuncturist with over 15 years of clinical experience. I am passionate about service to others and practice Chinese Medicine with genuine enthusiasm, intellectual diligence, and an unyielding spirit. I love that Chinese medicine views the body and mind as an interconnected whole, and rather than utilizing therapies that simply suppress symptoms, I use the myriad branches of Chinese medicine to help patients address the underlying cause of their health problems. I work with a vast array of health conditions, and have extensive, post-graduate training in TCM Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility, and Sports Medicine Acupuncture.

I am happily married to my husband Nate, who is a graphic designer, skateboarder, and enthusiastic recipient of acupuncture and acu-patching. We adore our Maine Coon kitty, Mrs. Paws Bo Peeps of Cooneville. We also share a love of nature and the outdoors, and enjoy traveling, hiking, cycling, and snowboarding.

ALCHEMY – [al-kuh-mee] noun.

  •  A power or process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary.
  •  An inexplicable or mysterious process of transformation, creation, or combination.
  •  A medieval science and philosophy aimed at achieving the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.

Patient Testimonials

I had the privilege of working with Jami for more than a year—a life-changing year of healing and improvements in every area of my vitality and well-being. She is professional, kind, observant and precise, attentive and supportive. In addition to her skills as an acupuncturist, she also knows other healing modalities which she employs as needed. Jami’s interest in science, functional medicine, herbs and nutrition pave the way for her other passion—research. In my time with her, she went above and beyond the call of duty and helped me find resources that made the approach to my healing multi-faceted, and therefore very effective. Jami is a gifted acupuncturist and healing companion. Prepare to feel and be your best! You are in great hands with her. (I will continue to see her when I have the opportunity to travel to her new location in southern California!)

— Elizabeth W., Menlo Park, CA

Jami is absolutely incredible. It is hard to find the right words to describe the positive impact Jami has had on my life in the short time that I have known her. Jami has an amazing energy about her and she made me feel instantly comfortable and confident as a new acupuncture patient. I came to Jami after a miscarriage and months trying to conceive again unsuccessfully.  I had been told by doctors that there wasn’t really anything that I could do, that these things happen and they can take a long time to sort themselves out. I was hopeless and frustrated. Jami listened to me, validated my feelings and filled me with hope. She told me that there was so much that eastern medicine had to offer me and she was right. After about a month of acupuncture treatment with Jami, my cycle was back on track and a month after that I was pregnant. Outside of our enjoyable acupuncture sessions, Jami provided me with information about supplements and dietary recommendations.  She always answered my questions thoroughly, and often provided me with the research behind the work she was doing. While I know that Jami worked with a lot of patients, she made me feel like I was the only one. She always took her time and consistently exceeded my expectations. Jami is truly the best. I feel lucky to know her and have her amazing talent and energy in my life.

— Shelley C., Redwood City, CA

No words can describe what an amazingly kind, generous and compassionate human being Jami Rose is. I met Jami during the darkest time in my life, a time when I had lost all hope and felt such deep sadness. After struggling to find an effective treatment, I took a chance and decided to try acupuncture. I am not going to lie; I had very strong reservations. But at this dark and scary time, I was willing to try ANYTHING. I remember the evening I met Jami. When I told her “my story” and began to flood with tears, she spoke to me with such a deep understanding. And it was after that first treatment (which she thoroughly explained) that my journey to recovery and healing began. I consider Jami one of, if not the most, vital player in how I climbed out of the darkness & into a happier, more fulfilled & balanced life. I began to see her for treatment about twice a week and each session she took the time to get to know me better on a much deeper level than I ever expected an acupuncturist to. After a month, I no longer considered her just a health practitioner, but a true friend. Jami created a safe haven for me. Our treatments basically became a therapy session for me. I could pour my heart and soul out to Jami, share my ups and downs. And she was always there to catch me. Not only is Jami so effective in healing the mental/spiritual body, but the physical body as well. I am an avid runner and spin instructor and when I developed knee pains, she hit the nail on the head and began treating my IT band. And sure enough, once I consulted with a physical therapist the knee pain was indeed due to an extremely tight IT band! And once again, Jami saves the day! I recently began trying to get pregnant with my husband and that has also been quite the journey. Jami is extremely experienced in treating fertility issues and has an extremely well-rounded knowledge of both western medicine approaches and alternative methods. With my struggles and disappointments, Jami has been so compassionate and understanding. She has helped me to continue my journey in a healthy, positive way and to never lose hope. Because of my experience with Jami, acupuncture will always be a part of my life. I am so sad that Jami is no longer living in my area and to say that I miss her is an understatement. Jami Rose is healer on so many levels, and I urge anyone considering acupuncture to seek treatment with her.

— Amanda H., San Carlos, CA

I sought acupuncture treatment with Jami for a pinched sciatic nerve. Initially, I couldn’t even lay flat on the treatment table. After the first treatment, the pain subsided significantly and I was able to walk more upright. After the third treatment, I couldn’t believe my level of improvement! I had almost no pain at all, nor did I have numbness and tingling down my legs. I choose acupuncture over cortisone shots and surgery any day!

— Larry E., Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

I first learned about acupuncture through Jami’s community lecture on the Benefits of Chinese Medicine. She was so honest, intelligent and articulate in her delivery of information, and I immediately trusted her intention and abilities. Although skeptical about the results, I decided to give acupuncture a try for neuropathy in my feet. My neurologist informed me that my nerves were simply “getting old” and that nothing could be done to alleviate my burning pain. I wasn’t expecting miracles from acupuncture and didn’t notice much change after the first treatment. Jami remained optimistic and realistic, while encouraging me to follow my treatment plan. By the fifth treatment I was astounded by the results. The burning pain and numbness were almost completely gone. Furthermore, I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in over four years. I’ve never felt better and am so thankful to Jami for her healing touch.

— Tommy A.,  Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

Jami Rose is a very gifted professional whose talents go beyond using acupuncture to relieve pain or prescribing herbs to address specific health conditions. A treatment from Jami leaves one feeling calm and peaceful, yet restored and revitalized. Her sensitive, gentle approach creates an environment of care that I have not experienced with other health care professionals. She has literally cured my chronic knee pain as well as relieved the bodily tensions I carried from the worries of a stressful job. She is quite simply amazing!

— Morgan L., Auburn, CA